FocusHRO – Business in a Box

FocusHRO is a human resource firm dedicated to helping small to mid-sized companies thrive through the outsourcing of insurances, employee benefits, and human resources.

The concept is simple—to allow you to focus on your childcare, while we focus on the rest.
FocusHRO offers free levels of HR support for qualifying companies with their Support+™ program.


Support+™ membership is designed to help you gain access to tools and resources in the human resources field and is included as an additional membership benefit when working directly with FocusHRO insurance departments.

Once enrolled, FocusHRO shares a mutual goal of developing and refining your policies and procedures, providing guidance, training, and ultimately putting their efforts into helping your business succeed.

Membership includes the following:

  • Support+™ – covering the basics with forms, procedures, and explanations of HR processes (forms are subject to change over time - updated pages will be distributed)
  • Live monthly training webinars
  • Live updates on regulatory changes
  • Access to HR Tidbit™, short videos delivered via email with important HR tips and practices
  • Access to the FocusHRO team for specific questions and assistance
  • Discounted pricing for customized forms, processes, handbook review/development, and more
  • Free consultation and discounted fees through our business/employment attorney partners (please note: FocusHRO is not a law firm, and the information provided is not intended as a substitute for proper legal advice).

It’s easy to get started! 
  1. Have a qualifying call with FocusHRO
  2. Assign FocusHRO as your broker/administrator on insurance lines
  3. Receive complimentary HR support, training, and more 
Contact FocusHRO for information on the program at
Download the flyer HERE (link: