Comments on Changes to Certification Regulations

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has proposed changes to the child care certification regulations Chapters 3270, 3280, and 3290. Comments are due by November 13, 2018. Most of the proposed changes to the regulations are required to address changes in the Child Care and Development Block Grant. The changes include:
  • Chapters 3270; 3280; 3290. Replacement of the words “day care” with “child care” throughout the body of the regulations.
  • Chapters 3270.11 (g); 3280.11 (h); 3290.11 (k). Annual Unannounced Inspections
  • Chapter 3290.11. Certification of Family Child Care Homes (FCCH)
  • Chapters 3270.11 (c); 3280.11(c); 3290.11 (i). Announced Pre-Certification Inspection
  • Chapters 3270.31 (f); 3280.31 (f); 3290.11 (b); 3290.31 (g). Pre-Certification in Ten Health & Safety Areas
  • Chapters 3270.27; 3280.26 (a) (b); 3290.24 (a) – (g). Emergency Plan
  • Chapters 3270.31 (e); 3280.31 (e); 3290.31 (f). Increased Annual Professional Development
  • Chapters 3270.11; 3280.11; 3290.11. Certification Process
  • Chapter 3270.4; 3280.4; 3290.4. Definition of the Volunteer
  • Chapter 3290. 4. Definition of Relative
  • Chapters 3270.131 (a); 3280.131 (a); 3290.131 (a) Health Information
  • Chapter 3290.113 (f). Supervision of Children
  • Chapter 3290.113 (g). Supervision of Children
PACCA encourages members to submit comments to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission or the Department of Human Services. All comments, suggestions or objections must reference the Regulation Chapter, Number, and Section and Subsection.

Follow this link to PACCA’s comments on the proposed changes to the regulations. The Independent Regulatory Review Commission needs to hear about those regulatory changes with which you agree and those with which you disagree. You can use PACCA’s comments to draft your own unique comments to the proposed changes. We encourage you to modify this template to reflect your own thoughts, expertise, and experience. Please personalize your comments. You may or may not agree with PACCA’s comments, but we hope we have justified our positions. 

COMMENTS ARE DUE BY November 13, 2018
Comments may be directly submitted to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission via email to

Or to the Department of Human Services …
via email to:  
via fax: 717-787-1529
via US mail: Tamula Ferguson Bureau of Certification Services Office of Child Development and Early Learning Department of Human Services 333 Market Street, 6th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17105